Theme: Oceanography 
Filipe Pereira – Dartmouth – Title: Dynamics of a baroclinically-unstable meander and its ecological impacts 
Author(s): Filipe Pereira, Ilson Silveira, Iury Simoes-Sousa, Amit Tandon, Glenn Flierl 

Bailey Avila – Dartmouth – Title: Energy Exchange Between Internal Waves and Vortical Mode 
Author(s): B. J. Avila, M. A. Sundermeyer, M-P. Lelong, J. J. Early, E. Kunze, C. Wortham

Neeharika Verma – Dartmouth – Title: Examining Relationships Between Optical Backscattering and Phytoplankton Community Composition in the Northern Gulf of Mexico 
Author(s): Neeharika Verma, Dr. Steven Lohrenz 

Adriano Henrique Giangiardi da Silva Filho – Dartmouth – Title: The Variability of the Brazil Current 
Author(s): Adriano Giangiardi, Ilson da Silveira, Amit Tandon, Leilane Passos, Filipe Pereira

Best Poster

Ersen’S Joseph – Dartmouth – Title: Studying the Ocean Surface Variables using Satellite imagery and Numerical Modeling 
Author(s): Ersen’S Joseph, Siddhant Kerhalkar, Amit Tandon, Thomas Farrar


Siddhant Kerhalkar – Dartmouth – Title: Diurnal Warm Layers in the Bay of Bengal during the Monsoon of 2019 
Author(s): Siddhant Kerhalkar, Amit Tandon, J.Thomas Farrar, Andrew J Lucas, Tamara Schlosser, Leah Johnson, Verena Hormann, Luca R Centurioni, Louis St. Laurent 

James Bisagni – Dartmouth – Title: Surface eddy kinetic energy variability of the western North Atlantic slope sea 1993-2016
Author(s): James J. Bisagni, Dujuan Kang, Andrew Thomas, Andre Schmidt

Theme: Biogeochemistry 
Sesha Manning – Dartmouth – Title: A Nitrogen-15 Isotope Dilution Technique for Precise Determination of N2 Gas Concentrations in Oxygen Deficient Zones 
Author(s): Sesha Manning, Mark Altabet, Kenneth Boyle, Ronni Mak, Janelle Mercer, and Neeharika Verma 

Best Poster

Abhishek Naik – Dartmouth – Title: Marine biofilm colonization and maturation: Impact of shear stress and surface type 
Author(s): Abhishek Naik, Kristina M. Kamensky, Aren M. Hellum, Ranjan Mukherjee, Pia H. Moisander  

Best Lightning Talk

Marcia Campbell – Dartmouth – Title: Particulate carbon dynamics in the western Arctic Ocean 
Author(s): Marcia Campbell, Cynthia Pilskaln 

Beatriz Pinheiro – University of São Paulo – Title: Chemosynthetic primary productivity in the water column of eddy-dominated areas of the southwest Atlantic Ocean (20°S) 
Author(s): Beatriz R. Pinheiro; Filipe Pereira; Camila N. Signori 

Theme: Coupled Human Natural Systems 
Keith Hankowsky – Dartmouth – Title: Comparing relative efficiency of survey and commercial trawl gears in the Northeast U.S. 
Author(s): Keith Hankowsky, Pingguo He 


Eiichiro Kazumori – Dartmouth – Title: Understanding Economic Potentials of “Sea-to-Table” Markets in the Southeastern Massachusetts Fishery Market
Author(s): Eiichiro Kazumori

Andie Painten – Dartmouth – Title: Implications of an offshore wind farm for the life cycle of southern New England Black sea bass 
Author(s): Andie Painten and Kevin D.E Stokesbury


Irina Polunina – Boston – Title: Developing Hyalella Azteca Embryo Toxicity Assay for Toxicity Tests 
Author(s): Irina A Polunina and Helen C. Poynton 

Best Lightning Talk

Shannon Brown – Boston – Title: Microplastic presence and diet of gray seals on Great Point, Nantucket 
Author(s): Shannon Brown, Dr. Juanita Urban-Rich, Dr. Stephanie Wood 

Max Grezlik – Dartmouth – Title: Multispecies Co Occurrence for Catch Rate Indices in the Northeast Multispecies Fishery
Author(s): Max Grezlik and Steve Cadrin

Best Poster

Theme: Estuaries 

Jessica Thomas – Dartmouth – Title: Micro-Siting and Nitrogen Removal Efficacy of Liquid Injection Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) in Residential Watersheds of S.E. Massachusetts
Author(s): J.C. Thomas, B.L., Howes, M.A. Sundermeyer, D.R. Schlezinger, A. Turner

Best Poster

Elizabeth Ells – Dartmouth – Title: Non-Traditional Nitrogen Removal Techniques in Southeastern Massachusetts
Author(s): Elizabeth Ells, Brian Howes & Miles Sundermeyer

Hayley Synan – Dartmouth – Title: Development of remote sensing water quality indices on Pleasant Bay, MA
Author(s): Hayley Synan and Steven Lohrenz

Ting Wang – Lowell – Title: Above- and Belowground Plant Mercury Dynamics in a Salt Marsh Estuary in Massachusetts, USA
Author(s): Ting Wang, Inke Forbrich, Jun Zhou, Buyun Du, Joshua Polen, Keely O’Beirne, Madison Sachs, Silas Bollen, Elsie M. Sunderland, Prentiss H. Balcom, Daniel Obrist

Theme: Ocean Technology 

Marlise van Tonder and Alden Mentzer – Amherst – Title: Automated Positioning of a Velocity Probe in a Wave-Current Flume
Author(s): Marlise van Tonder, Alden Mentzer, Dana Parsons, Krish Sharman

Best Poster

Richard Arena – Dartmouth – Title: Gap – Filling High Frequency Radar Data through Radial Mode Analysis
Author(s): Richard Arena

Patrick Pasteris – Dartmouth – Title: Aurelia Upper Ocean Profiler: Low-cost user-friendly depth changing vehicle for ocean sensors
Author(s): Patrick R Pasteris and Amit Tandon