Photo Contest Page

IMS Symposium 2022- Photo Contest!

Are you a marine science photographer, or just have some fun marine science-related candid selfies?  Enter the IMS Symposium photography contest to celebrate the beauty and fun of marine science!
Photos must pertain to marine science (field research, underwater photos, lab experiments, you or your friends conducting research, etc.).

The deadline for photo entries was 5:00 p.m. EDT, Monday, March 21, 2022.  

Winners will be determined by anonymous popular vote of Symposium participants. The Google album with all the submissions can be accessed here.

The photo caption for the submissions can be accessed on the google album as follows: click on the image and press on the info button (as shown in this screenshot) to access the caption.

Photo Contest Winners

First place: Untitled by Alanna Mnich

Runner up: Eastern Tropical North Pacific. January 2022 by Valentina Giunta

Runner up: dolphin-ately a good day by: Andie Painten